Understanding the difference between Unlaundered, Stonewashed, and Performance Linen

Understanding the difference between Unlaundered, Stonewashed, and Performance Linen

We’re often asked - “What’s the appropriate fabric type for my project?” and we love sharing our thoughts with each customer about their unique design. In the post below we’ll discuss the three product options for our 11 oz 100% Linen.

This fabric comes in three variations: Unlaundered, Stonewashed, and Performance. Please note the following information related to shipping times: Unlaundered fabrics typically ship within 1-3 business days. Stonewashed and Performance fabrics are treated to order. Once your order is received, we will launder the fabric to create the Stonewashed fabric or have the fabric professionally backed and finished to create the Performance fabric. Estimated ship time for the Stonewashed fabric is 5 business days. The Performance fabric is four weeks.

Unwashed linen: This fabric has many uses because of its sturdy weight. Upholstery, pillows, draperies, and even heavy apparel can be made from this fabric.

Stonewashed Linen: We recommend washed fabric for slipcovers that customers plan to wash at home. Washed fabrics are commercially washed on hot to soften and shrink the fabric and tumbled dry to give them a softened hand. If you select a washed fabric it will be cut into 10 yard increments for the washing process. Washed fabrics are pre-washed and machine washable. Because washing causes the fabric to shrink and get denser, post washing, the weight of the fabric is roughly 12 oz/sq yard.

Performance Linen: This fabric is backed with knit and applied with a stain resistant finish to increase durability and prevent seam slippage. This fabric is great for upholstery. It has a weight of 13 oz/sq yard.

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